Rplanet was founded by Suzanne Delaney in 2018 with the aim to create a positive response to some of the most challenging issues faced by the fashion industry.

Since then, Suzi has meticulously delved deep beneath the surface of sustainability in fashion, with a particular focus on Material Health. Over the past four years Suzi has worked tirelessly to uncover new innovations and work closely with incredible people to build up a strong foundation of mutual respect. This has led Rplanet to become the first accessories brand to pursue Cradle to Cradle certification, partnering with leading suppliers to develop new industry-first materials and applications.

It has always been our intention to create a responsible, modern-thinking and acting, lifestyle brand that honours craftsmanship and planetary boundaries.


Suzanne Delaney’s career began in the 1990’s as a Fashion Buyer for a large high street retailer. On leaving the fashion industry in 2000, Suzi retrained in interior design and architecture and founded Inspace Design, delivering commercial and residential interior space projects in the UK, Italy and Switzerland.

Suzi’s incredible aesthetic and industry knowledge has been at the forefront of creating desirable, commercial products for many years.

However, the reason Suzi left the fashion industry and why she is crafting Rplanet in a very particular way, is due to the same insight. She witnessed first-hand the devaluing of creativity, lack of respect for people and disregard for the environment within the fast fashion industry. Rather than walk away, Suzi is determined to make a difference, and leave the fashion industry in a better place than when she left it.

She has made a personal commitment to not stand still as Rplanet’s founder. To bring innovation and equality across the value chain and to align with people and initiatives to collectively bring about meaningful positive change.



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